Continuing the site's legacy


The demolition of the historic structure at Coolsingel 75, originally designed by J.J.P. Oud, has created a significant void along this prominent Rotterdam boulevard. Oud’s architectural vision for this classic building was influenced by El Lissitzky’s horizontal skyscraper concept and an exhibition by Lissitzky featuring paintings showcased against a backdrop of refined lines. This fusion of ideas shaped the elegance of Oud’s design.

We have embraced the challenge of creating a new building that pays homage to the prominent location on the Coolsingel, Oud’s refined original design and its inspirational source, El Lissitzky’s elegant drawings.

The building’s design is in harmony with the urban rhythm of the Coolsingel, featuring a prominent plinth, a six-storey central volume, and a three-storey setback top. This architectural composition ensures that the new structure blends into the cityscape. The horizontal articulation of the main volume and the playful folds in the façade are a direct reference to Oud’s design, creating a dynamic appearance that interacts with changing light conditions. Meanwhile, the upper volume exhibits a prominent vertical and pleated façade, providing a compelling contrast to the volume below, and creating a sense of balance and architectural intrigue.

The atrium positioned along the façade promotes interaction and connection with the Coolsingel, allowing ample daylight into the building and framing views of the City Hall when exiting the stairs and lifts. At the top of the atrium, a prominent art installation takes centre stage, mirroring the historical integration of art in the new design.

The resulting design proposal takes the core principles of the original visionary ideas and translates them into the context of the 21st century.

In progress
Project size
24.000 m2
Nomination for The Most Significant Real Estate Project 2024
Edge, Buro Happold, DWA, DGMR, BBN, Timo Cents

WAX Architectural Visualizations

image of the old design of Coolsingel 75 in Rotterdam by J.J.P. Oud
J.J.P. Oud's design from 1960
© Stadsarchief Rotterdam, photo by Ary Groeneveld
The EDGE Coolsingel façade by Nudus honours both J.J.P. Oud's and W. Quist's designs.
Façade development
The EDGE Coolsingel façade honours both J.J.P. Oud's and W. Quist's designs.
The lively and welcoming plinth focuses on transparency and openness
image of the upper part of EDGE Coolsingel
The top provides a striking frame for the Rotterdam skyline.
Elevation of EDGE Coolsingel and its direct context
Elevation of EDGE Coolsingel and its direct context
Ground floor plan of EDGE Coolsingel
Ground floor plan
location map of EDGE Coolsingel
Located on the prominent site across City Hall in the centre of Rotterdam.
image of EDGE Coolsingel by WAX Architectural Visualizations

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