Our projects aim to stimulate all of our senses. Through the interplay of light and shadow, texture and material, form and colour, we seek to awaken a sense of wonder and delight. We hope to infuse each environment with a palpable vitality that resonates with its users and passers-by and by doing so creates a pleasant, exciting and healthy atmosphere.

image of the old design of Coolsingel 75 in Rotterdam by J.J.P. Oud


At the start of any project, we analyse the existing environment and uncover its strengths and weaknesses, both internal (project specific) and external (environmental and societal). The resulting design is always location-specific and enhances the qualities of the space and its context.



We design for people and strive to cultivate welcoming environments that foster a strong sense of community. Our design process is both responsive and inclusive, carefully taking into consideration the needs and preferences of all potential users, community members, and local stakeholders. By building upon the existing energy of a place, we create resilient and future-proof communities that thrive.

Picture of Nudus' Fontys Campus in Eindhoven shot by Frank Hanswijk


We strive to do more with less, creating purposeful interventions that make the most of available resources. We design for both the present and the future, creating lasting opportunities for generations to come. We take responsibility for the impact of our designs and we act accordingly.

Architectenbureau in Rotterdam


We are interested in exploring both traditional artisanal techniques and cutting-edge technologies and methods to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional. By playing with proportion, rhythm, and materiality, we create meaningful and memorable designs. Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures that our designs stand the test of time.

Architectenbureau in Rotterdam


At NUDUS, we approach every project with an active and questioning attitude. We thrive on challenges and boldly break new ground whenever necessary. Our drive and values – honesty and reliability – guide us in everything we do. We are committed to creating a future that is worth living in for everyone and we take action where it is needed.

We believe in close collaboration with seasoned experts, artists, our clients and future users, to uncover unexpected opportunities and create durable, site-specific designs of intrinsic value that surprise and enrich.

We like what we do, our work process is transparent, and we go beyond.


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