Our studio, a spacious, light-infused space nestled in the vibrant heart of Rotterdam, serves as the playground for makers, experimenters, and crafters alike. Here, we embrace a culture that values curiosity, encourages exploration, and celebrates the joy of creation.

As part of our dynamic international team, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with diverse talents from around the globe, each bringing their own perspective, enriching our collective experience and fueling our sense of wonder.

Discover our current job opportunities below.

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We are always looking for talented individuals with excellent design skills to extend our team.

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Visual Department Intern

To support our visual department, we are looking for an intern!

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To support our team, we are looking for interns! As an intern, you will work within a team on our diverse portfolio of projects in the fields of architecture and urban design.

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Our projects aim to stimulate all of our senses. Through the interplay of light and shadow, texture and material, form and colour, we seek to awaken a sense of wonder and delight. We hope to infuse each environment with a palpable vitality that resonates with its users and passers-by and by doing so creates a pleasant, exciting and healthy atmosphere.


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