Dedicated to making!


Urban site analysis for our project Citrusveiling in the Rotterdam harbour.
Feeling playful; office excursion to Groningen.
Setting up the Nudus curtain.
The allure of layers and vibrant colours tells a vivid story of our creative process.
Don’t kill the symmetry! Planstudy project Havenbedrijf.
Construction site of The Orchard II in Rijswijk.
Energised by nature.
Office art works by Viktoryia.
Energised by nature.
Matrix Innovation Center: Testing the façade of reused roof tiles.
Matrix Innovation Center: Testing the façade of reused rooftiles.
Exploring shapes to build upon existing’s legacy.
Design study architectural elements for Havenbedrijf.
Sitting in between.
Garden view Haarlem Schipholweg.
A non-classical curtainwall with non-similar openings.
Immersing in hues and textures at ceramics factory Koninklijk Tichelaar during our office trip to Groningen.
Overlayed shapes: frontal or oblique?